The following people have been trained with Vedanta and they are certified, as facilitators of the Power of Light Work, to teach groups and offer individual sessions.

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Ravi Pagnamenta

Ravi is Vedanta's main collaborator in the Power of Light approach. He was born in 1968 in Geneve, Switzerland. In his teenage years, he was an amateur boxer. He later studied music all over the world and became a professional musician. For the last twenty years, he has been working as a percussionist, playing with different bands and participating in various musical projects (theatre, recordings, etc.) in Germany and other countries all over Europe.

At the age of twelve, Ravi came in touch with the mystic Osho and became his disciple in 1987, at the age of eighteen. For a decade, he had been visiting the Osho Multiversity in Poona, where he learned meditation and participated in intensive self-exploration processes and therapy.

Ravi is trained and works as a bodyworker (Rebalancing, Bionenergetics, Breath), color-puncturist (Peter Mandel), healer and therapist. Through his vast range of experience with meditation, body-oriented psychotherapy, boxing and music, he has forged his own unique approach in working with the body-mind system on multiple levels. Ravi works with people from all walks of life, motivating them to let go into the natural wisdom of their body and find the source of their true will. He is also a contributing writer to the Diamond Somatics Manual. His musical passion and training as well as his interest into meditation and religion, led him to Cuba, where was initiated into the Afro-Cuban religion.

He connected with Vedanta in 1992 and a rich meeting took place. They were partners for six years. During that time, in 1996, Vedanta had an airplane crash in Australia and Ravi contributed greatly to her healing.

Ravi and Vedanta created and lead different parts of the Power of Light Training together. They do rituals and initiations, practice shamanism and ancient healing techniques and work harmoniously together as therapists in groups, where they embody the male and female prinicple. Their deepest focus is the passion for life, reawakening the life energy, men-women issues and others. Through all the years, Vedanta and Ravi have maintained a precious friendship.

Ravi is also being trained with Vedanta in the Diamond Logos Work and this has become part of his life. Since 2003, he is a father of a beautiful daughter.


nikolaos athanassakis

Nikolaos was born in 1974 in Santa Barbara, California and lived his early years between Santa Barbara and Rethimnon, Crete. He played basketball at the university level in the US and briefly played professionally in Greece. He also worked as a manager for professional basketball players in Europe and the US for several years.

Nikolaos has a Master's degree in Educational Counseling from Azusa Pacific University in California, and has worked as a counselor for children with disabilities at a private institution and at a junior high school, both in California.

He now lives in Athens, Greece and has been training with Vedanta since 2012, shifting his orientation to working with adults. He works as an individual and group therapist, specializing in working with the Inner Child, Bioenergetics and Essence work. He also has an affinity for archetypal dream work and ancient Greek mythology and philosophy. Nikolaos is also an assistant and main collaborator with Vedanta in the translation, compilation and editing of her written work. He is a contributing writer to the Diamond Somatics Manual with Vedanta. 

Nikolaos has training in Bioenergetics, Gestalt Therapy and other modalities of psychotherapy. He is also training as a certified TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) provider, which works with healing through the body's natural, involuntary movement.  In his work, called Ensomatics, he aims to help people expand their body awareness and reconnect with their body's innate resources in order to regain their sense of self. His orientation and passion is finding the point where body and spirit meet and working with this spark to ignite profound healing and transformation.

Nikolaos is also an Essence Teacher in training with Vedanta Aspioti in the Diamond Logos Academy in Greece. Along with his father, they have created the Orphic Center, whose aim is to teach and facilitate people to experience the teachings of Orphism, the ancient Greek spiritual movement whose central tenet was the liberation of the soul from the restrictive forces which hold it prisoner.

Nikolaos is based in Athens, Greece and frequently travels to the Netherlands where he is also available for sessions.  


Indira Kelly Spyropoulou

Indira was born in 1976 in Athens, Greece. She studied business management and worked in the field of marketing for 12 years.

She has been a student of Vedanta since 2003. She has completed the three years Power of Light Training and for the last two years she is in the Fourth Grade Education of the Therapist Training, deepening her knowledge and receiving supervision. She is also in training in the Essence Work.

Indira studied Primal and Inner Child Work with Vedanta and is a certified therapist from the Power of Light Institute.

Since 2005, she is working as an alternative psychotherapist offering private sessions and groups.

In 2004, she became a disciple of Osho.

In her work, she brings her own approach of intuition and energy work as well as her personal creativity. She also loves to work with Essence.


Bodhidevi Legaki

Bodhidevi was born in Athens in 1992. She discovered her soul calling for working with people at the age of 8 and started individual therapy at the age of 16. She studied Psychology in University of Kent in the U.K. and graduated in 2014.

Her thirst for knowledge about Life and People led her to live in Amsterdam and later to travel in Asia where her interest in holistic healing and meditation began. In 2016 she returned to Athens where she met Vedanta and an intensive life-changing process began. She has completed the ‘Inner Child and reconditioning therapy’ training with Vedanta and is currently in the second year of the Power of Light Training as a student and assistant. She is also training in Body Psychotherapy with the method of Biosynthesis.

Bodhidevi believes that social change begins from individual change. Her wish is that more and more people reconnect with their soul and body and hopes to facilitate a safe space where people can soften their armor and blossom in their humanness. She is available for Inner Child sessions in Athens under the supervision of Vedanta. Along with Leela, they have opened an Inner Child and Meditation center in Athens.  


Prem leela (Gabrielle Bernasconi)

Leela was born in Mendrisio, Switzerland in 1988. In her teenage years she became engaged in different political groups and NGOs. After high school she travelled abroad and volunteered through the Swiss Civil Service for various projects in Germany, Greece and the US (people with disabilities, education, refugees). Back in Switzerland she studied Political Sciences (Lausanne) and completed a Master in International Economic and Social History (Geneva). During that time she started therapy with a Jungian psychotherapist and got initiated to Vipassana meditation. After her studies she travelled in Eastern Africa and lived in Granada, Spain.

She got in touch with Vedanta in October 2016 and started working on herself in a deep way. This encounter was the completion of a long search for deep meaning, truth, healing and guidance.

Leela has completed the Inner Child training with Vedanta and is currently participating and assisting in the activities of the Power of Light Institute. She is now living in Greece and has opened a center for meditation and Inner Child psychotherapy together with Maria Legaki. She has a passion for learning about conscious touch, with the intent of embodying loving presence for the people that she works with.