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Power of Light 4th Year Training: Part I

  • Amsterdam Netherlands (map)


The Fourth Level of education can be extended in more than one year. As always, we emphasize on the process of self-transformation. That includes the actualization of who we truly are in our daily life, in the professional field, in our relationships, etc. In general, we master living our life according to our true inner values.

In the Fourth Level, we can choose to learn how to lead the Power of Light Basic Training and/or receive supervision. It also includes receiving and completing the Essence packages of the Diamond Logos Teachings.

The aim of this first part of the fourth year is to give the students a working model of psychopathology, psychological structure and how to work with different structural tendencies in the process of therapy

After completing this course the students will be able to: 

1.    Identify the different types of narcissism 

2.    Recognize different psychopathologies and the core resources that are missing in each

3.    Apply aspects of neuropsychology and trauma physiology in the therapeutic setting 

4.    Understand defense mechanisms, splitting and their effect on the body

5.    Discuss issues of conscience and ethos in relation to psychology

6.    Recognize the tendencies within the personality –the circuits the personality is based upon