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The Essence of Passion with Vedanta in Den Haag

  • Wajid Meditatie Centrum Prins Hendrikplein 1 Den Haag, ZH, 2518 Netherlands (map)

In this retreat we will experience the Essence of Passion, the Ishq, which springs from the pelvis and floods heart and head with the Love for Life itself.

Our pelvis is where the journey toward Selfhood begins and ends, the wellspring of our instinctual life force. We come into this world potentially with our life energy streaming freely through us.

We are born to be genital characters, our flesh alive and juicy, our energy flowing unimpeded through our system.

During our development, from the early stages of childhood we are conditioned to repress our instinctual side, our natural impulses and sensuality. In this way our inner development is held back. The structural absences in the Self create distortions in our instinct. The fountain of our life energy which springs from our pelvis becomes blocked, cut off, frozen, distorted and we lose touch with our energetic potency, our ability to experience a full and healthy orgastic reflex. The orgastic reflex is the ebb and flow of life force in our system which is our natural state and the natural flow of all life. It is the most powerful of all instincts, preserving life itself. A return to this state is a turn toward our original face, free from the constraints of the programming which was imposed on us and that we carry in our bodies.

We find and reunite with our passion once again. This is the Essence that is most helpful for us in order to let go of our conditioning and become whole again.