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Body, Feelings and Essence

Beloved Friends,

We invite you to join us for this weekend journey into the body and its deeper capacities with Nick Athanassakis. This is the first of three groups on reaching our Essence through the body. We look forward to seeing you there!

Our body is the book of life and the medium through which we experience reality. It is a wondrous, vibrant organism, with an expansive spectrum of sensations, feelings and emotions. All our experiences, our memories and traumas are stored in our body. This information is imprinted deep within us and even influences the physical shape of our bodies, our energy level, our overall aliveness, our choices and behaviors in our daily life and our connection to our Essence.

As a result of the trauma and conditioning that we endured during childhood, many times we lost the connection to our body, our emotions and our Soul, the core Essence of our Being. When we can begin to feel our body again and allow ourselves to sense all this material that is there, we discover a direct conduit to healing and reconnecting with our inner resources. As we heal, our Essence flows back into our system, empowering and expanding us to be who we truly are.

In this group, through the wisdom and methods of the body-oriented therapies (Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen and others), we tune into our body and our feelings in a direct way. We see each trauma that we carry as frozen Essence, frozen honey, a dormant capacity within us awaiting to be awakened and released. Giving ourselves the luxury to feel our vulnerability in a safe and loving space becomes a doorway to healing, integration and reclaiming our Essence and life energy. In this way, we reopen the pathway to pleasure within us so we can live each day experiencing our body as a vehicle of bliss and feeling the joy of being alive.

Nick Athanassakis is a body-oriented psychotherapist, counseling individuals and groups mainly in Greece and the Netherlands. He has training in Bioenergetics, Gestalt Therapy and other modalities of psychotherapy. In his work, called Ensomatics, he aims to help people expand their body awareness and reconnect with their body's innate resources in order to regain their sense of self. Nick is a trained therapist with the Power of Light Institute as well as an Essence teacher in training the Diamond Logos Academy in Greece. He is also a contributing writer to the Diamond Somatics Manual.