Vedanta Aspioti

Vedanta Aspioti

Empowering people to transform their life

Light brings transparency, it allows us to see that which before was not visible. Only when we can see and become conscious, when we acknowledge and accept, then change is possible.  

The Power of Light training is a journey of empowerment and transformation. It is based on creating corrective experiences in order to heal the wounds from childhood in a loving and compassionate atmosphere. It also aims at supporting people to discover their inner resources such as intuition, awareness, presence, contactfullness, vulnerability, strength, courage, embodiment, and passion for life, as well as relating to others from a real place.

I invite you to join us on this journey of reconnecting to the body, to our feelings and to reality, of awakening our consciousness, a path which brings us back in touch with the wellspring of life, allowing us to flourish and actualize our true potential.