The Power of Light Training

The Power of Light training provides a dynamic and in-depth group process that empowers the participants to take the steps towards transformation and changing their life. It is at the same time an education in integrative psychotherapy and healing work for therapists and others interested in working with people, offering a holistic approach that addresses the multidimensional nature of the human being, starting from the psychological and energetic layers all the way to reconnecting to our innermost essence.

We teach and use channeling as a basic tool. With channeling we can access a space of meditation, of inner silence, in which we can connect with our indwelling guidance in order to to receive healing for ourselves and others. We use other tools as well, such as meditation, body work, shamanism, different types of energy work, gestalt and others.

The Basic Training is a year long process which consists of 4 parts. We begin with working on our basic grounding, coming back to the body and reconnecting to our feelings. In the second part of the training we discover our true power as we become aware of the psychological defenses of our false personality. The third part, which takes place in Greece on the island of Ikaria, is dedicated to experiencing and taking an in-depth look into the body types of Alexander Lowen. As we let go of the tensions of the body that the psychological defenses create, we can find the access
to our Essence again. In the fourth part, we integrate what we have experienced and learned by bringing awareness to our limiting belief systems and toxic inner voices, the unconscious forces that rule our lives. We learn to let go of what stands in the way of actualizing our True Self. 

The Power of Light training has been offered throughout Europe. Parts I, II and IV of the basic training take part in the Netherlands in Den Haag at Wajid Meditatie Centrum. Parts III and V takes place in Greece, on the island of Thymaina. Years 2, 3 and 4 are offered in the Netherlands and partially in Greece.

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