group dynamics

Group process is another cornerstone of our work. As the latest findings in neurophysiology and the modern pioneers in therapy are showing us, healing is not individual. It is collective. This is why it is very important to work with group dynamics and use the group as a resource for healing. The group is a massive force that allows the corrective experiences to take place. The group functions as a mirror for every individual process, or better said the individual finds many mirrors for himself in every other individual in the group. In that sense, the feedback that is the individual receives within a group can be a massive catalyst for his healing. 

Many individual processes take place within a group that affect each member. People become touched and identify with what their fellow group members experience and share. This in itself brings more awareness, clarity, but also more humanness and compassion for oneself and others. Sharing the depth of our pain brings more trust and intimacy and brings each member of the group closer. The fact that we recognize that every one of us suffers from the same hurts and wounds, feels joy for the same things, makes us feel equal and part of humanity.