Part V: The Higher Chakras

In the Power of Light Training we work through the ladder of the chakras, energy centers which correspond with locations in our body, in order to discover what stands in the way of our life energy and prevents us from living our full potential. In this part of the training, we explore the higher chakras, the 6th chakra located in the center of our forehead and the 7th chakra located on the crown, the top of our head.

The 6th chakra is the center of our intuition, of our capacity for self-observation, our imagination, clairvoyance and the state of Samadhi, which is deep peace and tranquility. Our intuition enables us to have a greater view of life and everything it encompasses. This is also the location of our inner guide, from where we can develop more awareness and tune in to the subtle layers of reality.

The seventh chakra is the doorway to the state of Mahamudra, the cosmic orgasm, the ultimate union with the whole. At this level we melt and unite with the totality of existence. We enter the oceanic experience. We let go of our boundaries and merge with the Absolute. This exploration can only be approached through the body. Ηaving worked through the issues of the lower chakras and becoming more and more grounded, we can move into opening up our consciousness and aiming to reach the state of the true mind, free of the limitations and blockages of our childhood conditioning.

This is an advanced group, an integration of the Power of Light work open to those that have followed all or several parts of the training. This training takes place in Thymaina, a small Greek island in the Aegean sea which does not have more than 50-80 inhabitants. Thymena is like the Greece of 50 years ago, very simple and pure with virtually no tourism. It is a jewel in the middle of the sea and this is why it is perfect for our work. No external distractions, no cars, no noise.