Empowerment to be our True Self

with Vedanta Aspioti and Ravi Pagnamenta

This second part of the training is purely an empowerment in discovering and reconnecting with our True Self and potential. We will explore the issues around our power and everything that holds us back from living life totally, as we deserve and according to our Soul mission. We will be able to see how we control and limit our life energy.

As we free ourselves, we can achieve true and healthy self-regulation. We will find our strength and align with the flow of our energy and a life affirmative direction. We will experience our Hara, the source of our true power, fortifying us to face life’s challenges and to embody the stance of the peaceful warrior.

We will experience and start integrating:

  • How we hide our dark side and even our Essential Self behind the 'glittery' image of our personality
  • How we cover our vulnerability with strategies of defense, impeding us from finding our True Power
  • How to access and embrace our deepest vulnerability, embodying Essential Courage
  • How to allow deep healing in ourselves
  • How to remove the blockages of the personality by learning and experiencing ancient healing techniques

We continue learning how to trust life and actualize our true potential.