Energetic work

If we want to work profoundly and towards transformation, we need to begin with a person's energy. Are they breathing? Are they grounded? Are they in touch with their feelings? Where is the energy stuck? These are the basic questions we ask and that give us an entrance into deeper energetic work.  

We teach how to work with the breath, grounding, touch, movement, helping remove blocks and facilitating emotional release. Different forms of energy work that we use are: elements of shamanism, energy cleaning, psychic surgery, intuitive touch and others. Energetic work in the way we teach it is a constant movement between self-awareness and self-expression. When we start from working directly with the feelings and emotions, we can help people become aware of their wounds, their defenses, their denial, the way they have been betraying themselves by cutting off all this material. In order to create more space for all this, we need to include the body with its physical sensations. It also makes it more tolerable to go through this process if we ground all this in the body. 

We always aim to follow the energy, to allow the person express and free themselves from the bonds of their repressive mechanisms. If the charge is strong, we need to allow the emotional and physical release through the body. The emotional release brings expansion and spaciousness in the energetic layer. When catharsis is a real energetic event, it is total, and the spontaneity of the body movement takes over. Especially the first part of the training is geared towards restoring the basic energetic flow and aliveness in the person, although this remains a constant foundation throughout the work.