Part I: Coming Back to the Body

with Vedanta Aspioti and Ravi Pagnamenta

This five-day group is the first part of the Power of Light Basic training. It provides a dynamic experience that can transform your life and support you in finding your Inner Strength. The work helps you to access the resources that lie within yourself, inspiring you to take the reins of your life in your own hands and align with your true potential and uniqueness.
In this first part of four trainings, we explore our grounding, the way we relate to our bodies, feelings and emotions. Through channeling and bodywork, energy work, shamanism, meditation and other methods, we tap into the source of our Inner Wisdom. We will come to experience our body as the vehicle of our Essential Self. While opening up to sense our connection to our body, the earth, to ourselves and others, we learn to accept and embrace our most vulnerable feelings. This allows us to actualize the nature of our Soul in our everyday life and start walking a path of true dignity.  
We will discover how to:

  • INVOKE our passion for life, let it stream through our body and ground ourselves in reality
  • ACCESS and EMBRACE our deepest vulnerability through which we can experience Essential Courage
  • INTEGRATE the disowned and fragmented parts within us
  • ALLOW healing to take place
  • RECLAIM our strength and take our life in our own hands
  • EMBODY the stance of dignity and empowerment in our lives, learning to really stand on our own feet.
  • TRUST life and ACTUALIZE our true potential