essential touch

We work with many different types of touch, to support, to move energy, to evoke emotions, to bring awareness to different parts of the body. Our body is the book of life and the medium through which we experience reality. It is a wondrous, vibrant organism, with an expansive spectrum of sensations, feelings and emotions. The natural state of our body is bliss. Unfortunately, what we usually identify as our body is a shell of tensions related to our personality, which surrounds and restricts our body. This defensive shell shrinks our life energy, deadens our senses and emotions and separates us from our Essence. 

Through working with and touching the body in a profound way we can return to feeling our body of bliss. The shell of tension and deadness begins to melt away and we sense our body as a precious pearl. In fact, our body is the vehicle through which we can directly come in touch with our Essence. There are fountains of Essence located in different parts of our body. These Essential qualities are our innate resources such as love, compassion, courage, wisdom, joy, presence, innocence and others.

As bodyworkers, when we have the knowledge and experience of Essence, we can recognize when it appears in the therapeutic setting. We touch upon our own Essence and from this place we can mirror it in others so the Essential flow can be restored through our presence and touch, bringing a vital dimension of depth to our work.   

In working with touch, we expand our awareness and perception to see each trauma and tension that the body carries as frozen honey, frozen Essence waiting to be awakened and released. 

We teach Essential touch in the Power of Light training as well as part of a masterclass for Rebalancing Netherlands.