“The source is within you.
And this whole world is springing from it.
— Jalaluddin Rumi


In ancient Greece, before the worship of the sky gods such as Zeus and Apollo, most of the sacred places and temples were caves, openings in the earth where Gaia, the earth goddess, was worshipped. The early oracles were the priestesses and priests of the goddess, deeply connected to nature and to the earth. In a trance state, their bodies shook and they cried out in ecstasy, channeling and reading the energy of the person for whom they prophesied. It was not a mind culture like we are today, but a culture of the body, of fertility, of the worship of feminine receptivity. The intuition from which the oracles drew their prophecies was a body phenomenon.     

When we work with people, there are two processes occurring simultaneously. There is the conscious process which includes what the person says and what we can see and there is the unconscious process which provides a vast stream of information if we can tune into it. Channeling as we define it in our work, is a state of meditation, of deep sensitivity and attunement to the source with us, and from this place sensing the other person. The information we may receive includes somatic resonance, countertransference feelings and sensations, metaphorical images, internal dialogue and others.     

In the Power of Light training we teach channeling as a resource for working with people therapeutically. With the body and our breath as a vehicle, we open up to receive guidance for our own and other's healing.