Diamond Somatics

In the Power of Light, we aim to involve the three basic layers in the human being. The psychological, energetic and Essential layers surround our core from the outside in. When we are born, we come in to the world in a pure state, in connection to our Essence. We are Essential beings, unpolluted in our innocence. We are uncontaminated, bright stars in the body of a baby.

As we are wounded emotionally and psychologically from our interaction with our parents and the holding environment, we are forced to develop defensive mechanisms, in order not to feel emotional pain. This dims down the flow of life energy, of electricity that circulates through our system. Our body becomes braced and carries muscular tension that it uses like dams in order to stop the impulses from the core from reaching out towards the world. Our life force cannot flow freely in our body. It becomes diminished or interrupted, it flows inconsistently like a car on a bumpy road. In other places it becomes more forceful in an effort to break through the dam or it accumulates in the face of that obstacle. This results in the disconnection from our Essence. Essence cannot circulate in a braced, tense and armored body. This understanding served as inspiration to create our own body-oriented approach which we call Diamond Somatics.  

We begin the training with basic grounding, which remains as a foundation for all the work we do. We have drawn from a combination of somatic approaches, ranging from Alexander Lowen's Bioenergetics, Reichian breath work, the Bodynamic approach, to become aware of and work through the blockages in the body. At the same time we work with resourcing which includes touch, building structure through deep practice, myelination, working with rhythm and fine coordination as well as group exercises. The method is outlined in detail in the Diamond Somatics Manual, written by Vedanta, with contributions from Ravi and Nick.