Part IV: Tuning into our Inner Guidance

with Vedanta Aspioti and Nick Athanassakis

This 4th part of the POL training is also open for people that have not participated in the previous trainings. In our lives today, most of us have lost touch with our intuition, that inner voice of our conscience which acts as a guiding light in our lives and can lead us to our true purpose. Instead, we often listen to and identify with limiting, critical and punitive voices within us that keep us confined within a prison of false beliefs about ourself and life.

In this fourth part of the Power of Light training, we identify and clean out all that stands in the way of us connecting to our true inner voice and Guidance, so we can see the Real, beyond our conditioning, our projections and our false ideas of who we are. When we are able to tune in to the Source within us, we can live in the here and now and connect to the true direction of our Soul, moving toward a future which is in line with our full potential.

In this group, we take an in­depth look at our psychological structure and specifically at the ego­superego constellation. Through experiential work and exercises we will see how the superego – which is basically the internalized toxic voices of our parents – still controls us and takes away our inner regulation and our autonomy. Eventually, we will gather the tools to become aware of and minimize the effect that these judgmental and criticizing toxic inner voices have on us and our life.

We will experience and discover:

  • How our true inner voice is covered by the toxic inner voices of criticism and judgment
  • The fifth chakra (expression, beliefs, manifestation)
  • Our various negative beliefs and how much they limit our life energy, causing stagnation and repetition of old patterns
  • The power of affirmation and manifestation
  • The creativity in our everyday life that springs from following our true inner voice

The last day of this retreat will be dedicated to integrating the tools gathered in our exploration during the Power of Light training.