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the book of empowerment

A Guide to Fulfilling your Essential Potential

This is a simple and straightforward book that aims to cut through the unnecessary and communicate directly to the reader the way to his own empowerment, so he may discover how to tap into his potential.

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Diamond Somatics 

A Guide to the Methodology for Working with Essence and its Embodiment

This is a book and a manual which contains bodywork from various sources and explains the connection between bodywork and Essence. It contains within it written material, detailed exercises and videos with instruction. It has been written and compiled by Vedanta Aspioti, Ravi Pagnamenta and Nick Athanassakis and is a part of the training we offer.



The Body Types of Alexander Lowen and the Essential Point of View

According to Alexander Lowen, we all carry typical patterns of trauma and defense in and around our bodies. We can carry trauma that originates from as far back as our time in the womb and that occurred throughout the developmental stages of childhood. During these initial stages of our development, we are utterly open and defenseless, and in order to protect ourselves against pain and other threats to our safety, we create barriers in our psychological structure and in our body. These barriers form certain patterns of defense or otherwise character structures. 

Knowing and understanding these patterns of defense helps us to better understand ourselves and other people. This knowledge is especially helpful if we are therapists, lending us key insights about our clientsʹ structure, indicating the particular pathway we need to follow in order to support the process of opening and to facilitate inner healing. The book provides a a full description of Alexander Lowen’s Body Types as well as the Essential qualities needed for each type’s resourcing and healing. 

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Elements of Neurophysiology: trauma and psychotherapy

The material in this book can help us understand our physiological processes, what the mind is and how it works. It will also help us to understand and perceive what kind of processes take place in our internal world: our inner images, feelings, fears, thought processes and feeling processes, memories and how they all connect with our conscience, consciousness and higher aspirations of our soul. Neurophysiology provides a map which may help us to undo perhaps unnecessary elements and their imprints that we carry in our mind structure, bringing us out of the past, out of our conditioning, to new perspectives and possibilities to reeducate and retrain our system. Dalai Lama once said: “Calm mind, compassionate mind." Perhaps this is a way to become more compassionate with ourselves, more kind with us and others. 


Soul and Essence in Psychotherapy

This book offers a complete picture of the Essential territory in relation to psychotherapy, based on Vedanta's personal experience as a therapist and teacher in the Diamond Logos Academy. It goes beyond the description of Essence and addresses the entire spectrum of the Essential experience.

Soul and Essence in Psychotherapy is a manual which offers a hands-on approach for the therapist, the person in therapy and the seeker. It explores several psychotherapeutic approaches (for example Alexander Lowen’s Bioenergetics and Character Structures, Margaret Mahler’s Ego Psychology and more) and discusses them in connection with the Essential experience.

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The Structure of the Self:

Psychological and Essential Dimensions of the Complete Human Being

Conscience is the fire that motivates us to integrate the disparate parts of the Self into a unified whole. We are all born with an innate structure that seeks to be met with bonding, safeguarding, true mirroring and guidance from our parental figures. The lack of these qualities in our family atmosphere leads to distortions in our conscience and deficiencies in both our Psychological and Essential structure.

The Structure of the Self is an in-depth look at the anatomy of the Soul from the perspective of conscience. Vedanta Aspioti calls upon her rich experience in working with people towards the awareness, expression and integration of their Essence for the past 30 years to bring to the reader a map of the terrain of our inner world and a compass to guide us toward the path of true healing and integration.



Drawing from her experience in counseling, training teachers and parents and her active role in creating a pioneering school in Athens, Vedanta writes about an educational perspective based upon core human values and the role of parents and teachers in fostering this environment. The book envisions an educational system in which children's uniqueness, creativity and emotional wellbeing are prioritized as opposed to standards dictated largely by reward and punishment.

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the hidden truth of the inner child (greek)

The Wound and its Healing

In this book Vedanta seeks to bring to light a hidden, forgotten truth: that all of us, without exception, have deeply buried within us a child self and it is this self that dictates how we live and affects our everyday life, without us knowing of its existence.

The Hidden Truth of the Inner Child is a book that can change the reader, awaken him so that he can look deeper within himself and that his realizations become the right catalyst in the journey of personal integration, the inspiration for further development, the solid foundation for trying to mature and connect with the most beautiful and precious part within us.


Essential Parenting (greek)

Essential parenting aims at supporting and educating parents so they can respond to the call of their parental duty. The book's basic principle is the study of the bond between child and adult, which is absolutely necessary to safeguard the wellbeing and healthy psychological structure of the child. It examines in detail the developmental phases in childhood and what parents can do to help their children successfully navigate the tasks of each phase so they can flourish as unique and integrated people.  


The Lie that we all live (greek)

What is the lie that we all live day in and day out? In this book, Vedanta aims to help the reader peer from under the veil of our everyday illusions, to see himself and the world around him as they really are and come to terms with the fact that most of us do not live! We don't even know what life truly is. Instead, we live in a state of disconnection from ourselves, our body and our very nature, rendering us mere spectators as opposed to participating and living life to its fullest.


Thieves of Souls (greek)

In this book, Vedanta sheds light on a phenomenon that, while we are entertained by it in horror films, we refuse to face it in everyday reality: the disconnection from the light of our soul and the corruption of many of us by "emotional vampires" that manipulate and exploit the lives of others.

The author analyzes how we have reached this state of being cut off from ourselves, our emotions, our own body, explaining what is the physical state of our soul and describing the various types of abuse and their consequences. She uses real life examples and develops in depth the frightening phenomenon of the human vampires that live among us. Many of us have felt drained or suck dry by them, perhaps without understanding what has happened. These are the thieves of souls, who do not hesitate to prey on their own children. The pages of this book outline three different types of emotional manipulators that each uses different tricks to steal his victims, to drain their energy, to exploit their weaknesses, to his rigorous effort to replenish his own lost sense of self and his Essence.


Training Manuals by Vedanta

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5 Professional Channeling Sessions on Alexander Lowen’s Bodytypes (greek)

A step-by-step guide to Vedanta’s original approach to working in depth with Lowen’s 5 defensive structures, written in German and Greek plus audio material. A full channeling session is transcribed for each body type: the schizoid, the oral, the psychopath, the masochist and the rigid types. 

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the Power of Light basic Training manuals for part I and part II

These manuals outline the material from the training and are a valuable accompaniment. They contain aspects of the structure, meditations and processes so that participant can revisit the material after the training. They also include an in-depth explanation of the topic that we work through in parts I and II. 


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the Power Of Light second Year training Manual

This is a manual which accompanies the second year training of the four year education. It contains within it detailed guidelines on how to assist, the structure of the basic training, giving sessions and much more. 


the Power Of Light third Year training Manual

This is a manual which accompanies the second year training of the four year education. It is a comprehensive handbook on moving from assisting into being a group leader. It includes guidance on how to give feedback and facilitate emotional processing in a group, working with the inner child, working with energy, the body types of Alexander Lowen, details on giving different type of sessions and more. 

Recordings/Audio material

Guided Meditations

Recorded with Gabriel Ducros and a team of professional musicians including Ravi Pagnamenta and Massimo Carrano in Rome. The recordings are in English and Greek:
* Meditation on Grounding
* The Channel of Wisdom
* Past Lives through the Body and Healing
* Dance Meditation
* Healing Depression

Recorded with Vaggelis Katsoulis and a team of professional musicians in Athens:
* Meditation on the Essential vehicle of the Diamond Body
* Meditation on the Point of Light
* Meditation on the 5th Chakra

Original Music

* Music for the Inner Temple
Vedanta’s album with original music with pieces played on the flute. Vedanta began composing the pieces in her early 20’s and they evolved into this collection of music for trance and healing relaxation.
* The Diamond Body
An original piece by Vedanta, inspired by the Essential vehicle of the Diamond Body. Recorded with Vaggelis Katsoulis in Athens.
* The Point of Light
An original piece by Vedanta, inspired by the Point of Light. Recorded with Vaggelis Katsoulis in Athens.

Audio sample of the Point of Light: