A Four Year Education in Intuitive Somatic Psychotherapy

The Power of Light training is first and foremost an education in "body-sense," in reconnecting to the felt sense of the body and this being a compass in the therapeutic process. Intuitive Somatic Psychotherapy is an approach in which we learn to attune to others through the body. By increasing our feeling capacity we can be open to receive information and perceive the issues of the people we work with on a body level. We also feed our intuition with "good food," learning in-depth about the energetic flow in the body, the different Bioenergetic body types, phases of childhood development, trauma work, neuropsychology and much more.  

The Four Year Therapist Training consists of:

A. The Power of Light Basic Training: all four parts
B. The Second Year Training: learning the art of giving sessions
C. The Third Year Training: learning to lead groups

D. The Fourth Level Training that can be expanded to more than one year. Elements include learning to lead the Power of Light Basic Training, undergoing supervision, studying the relevant aspects of psychology and deepening in the Essence work.

In this training, we are taught how to work with people therapeutically in a profound, sincere, respectful and constant way. We study various techniques and approaches, so we can assist the clients’ process of unfoldment and discovery of their potential. It is a process of undoing the conditioned personality, in order for our Essence to emerge. The training includes the following topics:

  • Working with presence
  • Bodywork and body-oriented psychotherapy
  • Voice dialogue
  • Elements of Gestalt
  • Primal and Inner Child work
  • Ego psychology
  • Couple work
  • Object relations theory
  • Attachment theory
  • Pathology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Basics of trauma work
  • Enneagram
  • Giving sessions
  • Leading groups                                

This training is structured around the Essence Work, as transmitted in the Diamond Logos Teachings. Familiarization with Essence is far more important than all the techniques and knowledge that we acquire during the training. Tuning into our Diamond Consciousness, we can view and understand all the knowledge we receive in the right perspective. We extract the essence of the methods that are being taught and we find the healing agent in them. We learn in which situations and how to apply the above tools in the therapeutic setting.

The Diamond Logos Teachings provide us with clear maps, so we can learn to navigate and apply the psychotherapeutic knowledge, in order to help the human being in an authentic way. We come to understand our existence and perceive the greater design of creation.

Working with people entails great responsibility. The access to our own intuition as well as mastering effective therapeutic methods and techniques are equal prerequisites here. We are called to develop presence, constancy, personal containment and contentment, balance and inner harmony.

This training covers a wide spectrum of different therapeutic methods and intervention possibilities. At the same time, it is deep and continual process of self - transformation.

First Year – The Basic Power of Light Training

See descriptions in The Power of Light Training Part I, Part II, Part III & Part IV.

Second Year - Assistant Training

The second year consists of 13 days of training and practice as an assistant in the Basic First Year Training. It is a powerful process  of being there for oneself as well as being able to support others, a call for learning integrity, containment and how to give sessions.


  • Working from presence
  • Transference, counter-transference
  • Deepening into the energy work and grounding work
  • Profound exploration of the 2nd and 3rd chakras
  • The professional channeling session and other sessions
  • Personal process
  • Essence work, the ego structure and its application on the therapeutic setting
  • Elements of shock and trauma work
  • The art of transmission

Third Year Training

The third year consists of 13 days of training and practice as a main assistant and therapist in the Basic First Year Training. During the third year, we also focus on the self-transformation process as well as on learning how to lead groups.


  • Working from presence and from the Diamond Body
  • How to work with the Essential Enneagram
  • Elements of attachment theory
  • Ego psychology, the model of Margaret Mahler
  • Narcissism
  • Psychosomatic diseases
  • Elements of Voice Dialogue - Gestalt
  • The Vehicles of Pearl and Citadel for the therapist and the client
  • Couple work
  • Group dynamics
  • How to give appropriate feedback in the therapeutic setting
  • Personal process

Fourth Level Training

The Fourth Level of education can be extended in more than one year. As always, we emphasize on the process of self-transformation. That includes the actualization of who we truly are in our daily life, in the professional field, in our relationships, etc. In general, we master living our life according to our true inner values.

In the Fourth Level, we can choose to learn how to lead the Power of Light Basic Training and/or receive supervision. It also includes receiving and completing the Essence packages of the Diamond Logos Teachings.


  • In depth Couple Work
  • From Childhood to Essence
  • Pathologies
  • Defense mechanisms and splitting
  • Object relations theory
  • Attachment theory and Trauma
  • Neuropsychology in the therapeutic setting and in trauma physiology
  • The perspective of Essence
  • Completing the Essence packages
  • Supervision

Each year and level of the Training can also be planned and designed individually, according to the individual needs and possibilities of the students.