Vedanta Aspioti

Vedanta is the founder and leader of the Power of Light Institute. In Vedanta’s 30 plus years of experience in the therapeutic field, she has always been at the conjunction where psychotherapy and spirituality meet. Her journey has been one of discovering and teaching the mysteries of the Soul. After an out of body experience at the age of 18, Vedanta became a well-known medium in Greece and Germany. She then became a disciple of Osho in 1987 and a whole new dimension of channeling opened up for her. Channeling is a state of deep meditation and receptivity, it is tuning in with the Source to receive guidance from the Soul itself. As a medium, Vedanta lets herself be an instrument of Grace to receive any messages that are there for the person's healing. 

In her work with people, Vedanta applies different therapeutic approaches such as Inner Child and Primal Therapy, Ego Psychology,  Codependency therapy, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt therapy, Body-Oriented Psychotherapy including the Bodynamic approach and more, combined with the Diamond Logos teachings on the Essence of the human Soul. She also works as a couple therapist, bringing her unique perspective into helping heal relationships. Vedanta trains psychotherapists in working with people with her own integrative approach in the Power of Light institute, of which she is the founder. In this training she teaches her unique perspective on channeling, therapy and spirituality, dedicated to the process of transformation and unfoldment of the human potential. In 1996, Vedanta survived an airplane crash in Australia and this incident became a real landmark on the path of transformation in her personal journey.

Vedanta has been in training with Faisal Muqaddam in the Diamond Logos Work since 1997 and is a Senior Teacher in the Diamond Logos Academy. She is the holder of the Diamond Logos Academy in Greece and is the supervisor for the fields of Holland, Denmark and Scandinavia, Poland and the UK. She has been offering Essence work in Greece and in other European countries for many years. Inspired by her vast range of experience, Vedanta has created a synthesis of psychotherapy and spirituality and has authored  several books on the subject, including "Soul and Essence in Psychotherapy," "The Structure of the Self" and "The Diamond Somatics Manual."  She has expanded this perspective into education and parenting, writing books on those subjects from the Essential perspective as well. She is also involved spreading the knowledge of the Essence work in the field of education, giving talks and trainings to parents and teachers.  

Vedanta is a consultant for schools and trains teachers and parents on the essentials of helping children grow and learn in a healthy way. She is a founding member of the Neue Schule Athen elementary school in Athens and works in depth in educating their teachers. She currently runs the parents' school at the Deutsche Schule Athen, the official German high school in Athens. Vedanta's writing and active involvement with schools serve as an inspiration for the progressive education movement in Greece. 

Currently, she works as a therapist and an Essence Teacher, bringing the dimension of Essence into the world of therapy and channeling. Vedanta is a mother of a beautiful daughter since 2003