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The Living Daylight: Healing Early Trauma

  • Wajid Meditatie Centrum (map)

There is a fundamental quality of Essence whose presence or absence is an integral factor in our development. We call this quality, this aspect or dimension of Being, Living Daylight. Living Daylight is a certain kind of impersonal love that consists of, among other things, two very important elements for the support of the developmental process: Basic Trust and the Holding Environment. The presence of Living Daylight gives us the sense of God’s protection in our lives, a sense of safety and inner security, a sense of inner trust that we are in the hands of Being. In this shelter of God, all we need to be sustained in life is and will be provided for us. Basic Trust does not refer to a specific person. It is a larger, unlimited sense of trust in all existence, the trust that Being is always there. The Holding Environment is not limited to our mother’s care and embrace, but includes all the people we have around us and that take care of us during childhood: our father, our family, our relatives and, in that sense, all of humanity. Basic Trust and the Holding Environment give us a fundamental sense of inner security that we will be sustained in life under any circumstances.

We need to sense the unhindered, constant presence of Living Daylight in order to be able to feel safe from the very beginning of our life, maybe already from the womb. In its presence, we don’t lose our connection with Being throughout the developmental stages of our childhood. We can heal our breakages resulting from early trauma. We sense life and the world as a hospitable place and that everything we need is provided by God’s love for humanity. If Living Daylight is present, we don’t need to disconnect from Being due to shock or other traumatic events.